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Helping Those who Suffer from Arachnophobia

These guys have been busy messing up your windows, siding, and soffits all summer. I'm here to take action. When people hire me to clean their windows they are often amazed at how much extra work I do. While I can't make a living cleaning every inch of your house, without getting paid for it, I do try and knock down as many cobwebs and other debris as I can.

I don't know that I have ever done a job without doing a little extra work for my customers as a way of saying thanks. Call Paul's Window Cleaning at 224-572-1783, hire me to clean your windows or pressure wash your house, and see what little surprise you might get at no extra charge.

I serve Chicago's North Shore, South East Wisconsin, and North East Illinois. If your neighbors are afraid of your house, let me help you.

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