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"It's Not Cool if Your Screens Aren't Clean"

The other day one of my customers commented on how pleased she was that I was cleaning her screens. Apparently her past window cleaners weren't doing this.

A few things immediately came to my mind:

First, wow that is bad! If your screens are not clean, the first time it rains all the dust and dirt from your screens will be plastered to your windows and they will be just as dirty as they were before.

Second, wow, I don't just brush the screens down a little bit, depending on the situation I use a four step process to get them clean......(dirt really sticks to screens due to static electricity and other factors).

1. dust with a brush or micro fiber cloth to remove excess dust and dirt.

2. wash with Simple Green cleaner/degreaser.

3. rinse with clean water.

4. this step sets me apart from the average window cleaner......I apply a protectant to the screen which seals it and prevents any left over dust from ruining a clean window the first time it rains.

Third, wow this process costs me time and money, but the knowledgeable customer sticks with me for future service and refers me to all their friends. So, in the long run, I save money because I don't need to advertise.

Fourth, wow, I sure am glad to be working today! A nice comment makes it all worthwhile.

Remember you can find Paul's Window Cleaning working in places like Winnetka, Glencoe, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Lake Forest, and all other North Shore Chicago locations. You'll also find me in Antioch, Libertyville, Grayslake, Lindenhurst and more.

If you don't like it when your freshly cleaned windows get dirty after the first rain because your screens weren't properly cleaned call me at 224-572-1783. Paul's Window Cleaning will get the job done right!

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